Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Monday, April 29, 2013

Los Angeles Times: War on Drugs: Richard Simon: California Conservative Defends State's Pot Law in Congress: Why Marijuana is no Longer a Partisan Issue

California conservative defends state's pot law in Congress -

I've blogged a lot in the past about Liberalism and Conservatism and whose a real Liberal and whose a real Conservative. And how they actually have a lot more in common then the borader Left and Right-wings tend to want to admit. But marijuana and the broader War on Drugs is a perfect example similar to same sex marriage where they actually have things in common. Why is that because both of these issues are no longer partisan because Liberals and Conservatives are now in favor of marijuana-legalization. And legalizing same sex marriage as well, one of the reasons why roughly half of the country or more are now in favor of these things. And why the War on Drugs is so unpopular especially amongst younger Americans. Who know Gay people or are friends with them or know people who use marijuana or use it themselves. Or know a victim in the War on Drugs, someone whose been involved in the criminal-justice system as a result.

You put all of the Liberals and Conservatives together in the country. And the real things not the big government types of both sides, you are talking about fifty percent of the country roughly. But it's not just Liberals and Conservatives who are in favor of it and you still have Prohibitionists on both wings. Who are against it but those number sare getting stronger because education and commonsense are now starting to come through. And people are now learning what the so called War on Drugs is about and who pays for it and what doesn't get funded as a result. And we are now seeing Federalists emerge from both sides on this issue people who are saying look my state disagrees with you on the War on Drugs. And we are done paying for it and are telling Uncle Sam to butt out and mind your own business. And worry about narcotics coming into the country from places that are more dangerous then the drugs. Produced in this country instead of whether a patient uses medical-marijuana or smokes a joint from time to time.

As I've said this is not Left-Right but commonsense versus the status quo. And as more Americans are learning about marijuana-prohibition in this country and that we are all paying a heavy price for it one. Way or the other, the War on Drugs loses more popularity and the opposition grows against it.