Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Malan 89: Video: U.S. Senator Rand Paul on The Drug War: What The Federalist Approach Would Be on Narcotics in America

Not the approach I would take on the War on Drugs, I would just end it all together and stop arresting people. Who are in possession of are on what are illegal narcotics today and get the addicts into drug-rehab at their expense. Without any criminal-record or anything added to it if they successfully complete the program. And stop arresting people and invading their homes for simple possession of what are illegal narcotics in America today. I would start with legalizing marijuana at the Federal level, states would still be able to prohibit it if they want to. But Uncle Sam would no longer enforce antimarijuana-laws and decriminalize heroin, cocaine and meth. As the Senator said we've spent a lot of money on the War on Drugs in America and we still have a lot of illegal drugs in America. And if you are a Liberal such as myself you are suppose to go where the evidence takes you and the evidence of this bogus War on Drugs is pretty clear. Its not working probably has never worked and we are in trillions of dollars in the hole on it.

So judging by the evidence, its pretty clear that we need to change course not in the War on Drugs. But when you've already lost a so called war and you are still fighting it because you are not ready to admit you lost. Its sorta like trying to play a football game after you've lost 52-0. What's the point move one with your life and onto something else. Trying to reform a lost so called war is not the answer, the War on Drugs is a failure and we need to end it. And have a different policy when it comes to narcotics in America and stop arresting people and giving. Them criminal-records and ruining their lives for what they do to themselves and only worry about people hurting innocent people instead. And as a result we would have a much safer country with more people in prison who actually need to be there. And more productive people in the free-world who otherwise would be in prison.

Senator Paul's policy is more of a decriminalization approach even as it relates to marijuana. And yes thats a step in the right direction and I give him credit for that but we need to go much further then that. And not reform how we fight the bogus War on Drugs but end it all together.