Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Mises Daily: Philosophy: Anthony Gregory: The Real Liberal Heritage: How Liberalism is Different From Progressivism and Libertarianism

The Real Liberal Heritage - Anthony Gregory - Mises Daily

A lot of Americans today when asked what do they think of Liberalism as far as what it is. Will probably say that its about high taxes and a big centralize Federal-state to take care of everyone perhaps because. They believe these so called Liberals do not trust individuals and the states to spend their money wisely. And that we need the Federal Government to be very large and have a lot of revenue to have a just society as possible. So no one is left behind and have true social-justice and equality in America. As a Liberal myself there's nothing Liberal in that message and looks like something that would come from a. Social-Democratic party in Europe or the New Democratic Party in Canada which is a Social-Democratic party. Parties that look a lot more Socialist or Progressive then they do Liberal and these are just different things. Others when they think of Liberals probably think of MSNBC and its lineup of hosts and guests. Other then maybe Chris Matthews, again as a real Liberal I do not see a real Liberal on that entire network. And I do not watch MSNBC to find out what Liberals are thinking because I do not see and Liberals thinking on. That network and find myself disagreeing with MSNBC more often then I agree with them.

From time to time I do watch MSNBC to see what Social-Democrats in America or Socialists even are thinking and saying. Because that's who MSBC speaks for, they represent the Far-Left in America. And have more in common with the Green Party or the Democratic Socialist Party then they do with the. Democratic Party which is official Liberal Party in America. With a Socialist flank that are Democrats so they can have a major voice in a Leftist party. Progressivism or Democratic-Socialism is about the state to put it frankly and they tend to put society and the state in the same box as if they are the same thing. So when they say we need a society to do such, such and such, what they are really saying is that they. Want the Federal Government to do these things because thats what their philosophy is built around. Except for Socialists in Vermont who have a healthy skepticism about Federal-power and want the ability to provide their own public programs.

Now to get to what Liberalism actually is and why I'm a Liberal. Liberalism is about the individual and about freedom. Protecting the individuals right to have the freedom to make their own decisions as it relates to both economic and personal decisions. Rather then government thinking that freedom and choice is dangerous and we need to outlaw certain personal choices so people do not make bad. Decisions which would be bad for society which is what we get from the Far-Left and Far-Right in America. Liberals aren't antigovernment as todays Libertarians tend to be but we are also not pro- government as todays Progressives tend to be. What we have is a healthy skepticism about government at all levels but especially at the Federal-level. As far as what government can do for the people better then what individuals can do for themselves. Which is why we need government to be limited to only doing the things that we need it to do that individuals can't do for themselves or as well.

Liberals believe that its the job of government to protect the country from people who would do us harm. Intentionally or otherwise but not try to protect us from ourselves, which is different. Basically protecting individuals from criminals and foreign-invaders not try to prevent people from making decisions that. Some in the country might seem as dangerous, which again is different. And that government can even help the disadvantage in society are aren't able to take care of themselves. But it should be done in a way that empowers people to be independent and not dependent. On government indefinitely for their well being.