Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Richmond Times: Editorial: Robert Samuelson: "The Twilight of Entitlement": What Americans Should Be Entitled To

Samuelson: The twilight of entitlement - Richmond Times Dispatch - Richmond VA

I guess people depending on where they are philosophically have different views about what Americans are entitled to. From all the way on the far-left let's call Socialists let's call them believe that all Americans are entitled to a good productive life. With no worries perhaps not even responsibilities for themselves. And are always entitled to a good job, good income. A good home, good healthcare, good health insurance, a good pension and so fourth things that people need to live well. Then you go all the way over to the right towards Libertarians and all they believe that Americans are entitled to is freedom. And what we do with that is up to us for good or bad and then you go to the far-right let's call them Neoconservatives and all. They believe Americans are entitled to is physical security even at the expense of freedom and even securing us from ourselves. Then you go to the center-right and they believe that the more freedom that the private-sector has and more choice that individuals have. The more freedom that Americans will have to live their own lives, that you do not have to privatize everything like. Libertarians tend to believe but that individuals should have as much choice as possible.

As Liberal I  only believe that Americans are only entitled to a few things as it relates to the economy. The opportunity to get ourselves the skills that we need to be successful in life and live with individual-freedom. Both economic and personal-freedom, the ability if we need it to collect social-insurance if for whatever reason or reasons. We aren't able to take care for ourselves that we can have as we are working our way back to becoming free again. We are entitled to work and live in a safe environment where criminals aren't in charge. And where we are safe at work with safe working conditions. We are entitled to the right to organize as workers if we choose to but that it shouldn't be forced on us. And that's really it all we need is the freedom to be able to live in freedom and if we do not have that freedom because. We aren't able to live in freedom because we lack the skills to be able to take care of ourselves. Then we need to be able to get ourselves the skills that we need to live in freedom.

The ability to live in freedom is the only thing that Americans are entitled to but it's also the only thing that people need. We do not need government trying to do things for us that we can't do for ourselves but we do need government to the things that we can't do for ourselves. Big government is too much but we can also have too little of government with not enough things getting done. And people going without services that we need to live in freedom. So what we need to do is limit government to only doing the things that we need it to do which is to protect our freedom.