Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Roll Call: Opinion: David Hawkings: Could Margaret Thatcher Win a GOP Primary?: Why Margaret Thatcher Couldn't Be Nominated President By The GOP Today

Could Margaret Thatcher Win a GOP Primary? | Hawkings Here

The easy reason for why Margaret Thatcher couldn't win the GOP nomination for President today. Is because in America she would be a Northeastern-Republican similar to Olympia Snowe. Or more of a Conservative-Libertarian to Rand Paul at least on social-issues and the Christian-Rights and. Neoconservatives would never back someone with Conservative-Libertarian leanings who didn't push the social-issues. The religious-right agenda who believed in social-freedom as much as Maggie Thatcher did. But thats just the social-issues, Maggie Thatcher wasn't a Socialist obviously but didn't seek out to destroy Socialism either. And believed that government needed to do certain things as it related to the economy. Especially in the area of education but she also believed in the U.K. National Health Service and never tried to privatize or eliminate it. Maggie Thatcher was a Conservative but a Conservative in a much more Socialist country then America and perhaps even Canada as well and was. Conservative by British-standards and less by American-standards.

Margaret Thatcher's Conservatism was a British-Conservatism which is different from an American-Conservatism. And she wasn't antigovernment but anti big-government but from a British perspective and didn't want government trying to take care of people who otherwise could do that for themselves. Perhaps just needed an education and job-training to be able to do that and actually was to the left of me politically. On healthcare believing in socialized-healthcare with the public healthcare-system in Britain. Even though she was a Conservative in Britain and you would think that would be an issue that she.  And I would agree on since she's a Conservative. But she was a real Conservative in the American or British sense that she believed in individual-freedom and didn't want government interfering with how. People lived their lives for the most part. And believed in things like fiscal-responsibility and paying for government expenses and a strong military. But had more Progressive leanings on economic-policy then most Republicans in America.

For Margaret to succeed in America as a Republican, it would've had to be in the Northeast or out West and she probably couldn't be in favor of. Socialized-healthcare in America to be successful as a Republican anywhere but she was not as strong as a Conservative as Republicans like to make her out. To be and was a lot more practical then Republicans tend to like to admit.