Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Week: Editorial: Matt K. Lewis: Why I Could Never be a Leftist: What's Different About The Left and Far-Left

Why I could never be a liberal - The Week

I find it amusing every time I hear someone on the Right especially someone whose fairly partisan or works for a fairly partisan publication. Like take Matt Lewis from the Right-Wing The Daily Caller to use as an example when they are talking about something they disagree with the 'Left' on. As if the Left is just one group of people where we all think alike and agree on the same things with no differences. Hearing Matt Lewis call murderous dictators like Joe Stallin from the Soviet Union a Leftist when he's probably the. Biggest Statist this planet has ever seen is a perfect example of how partisan Right-Wingers like Matt Lewis and others. Are either ignorant or dishonest about the Left or a combination of both. The fact is there is no one Left in America as there's no one Right in America either. The Left that I'm part of is made up wide variety of different political and ideological factions. From Liberals where I am on the center-left to Socialist-Anarchists on the far-left, the so called Progressives of today. Who a lot of times do not look very Progressive because they keep opposing things that give progress to so many. People because it doesn't have the central-government control or programs running them.

If you want to talk about the Left or Leftists in America, it helps to know who you are talking about specifically. Are you talking about Liberals or are you talking about Socialists. That's the divide on the Left right not and the divide in the Democratic Party. Between Bill Clinton New Democratic Network Liberals and Occupy Wall Street Socialists who at times are also Anarchists. Rather then writing some column that only the most partisan of Right-Wingers perhaps 10-15% of the country if they see it will. Take seriously because the rest of the country knows better and if you are familiar with both Barack Obama and Occupy Wall Street. You know that OWS doesn't think much of the President because he's not as far to the Left as they are. Which should be damn big clue that Barry is not a Socialist and not trying to run the lives of every American or really any American. And that if he were they could probably be getting along very well right now which they aren't.

When I'm reading these articles online or I'm on Facebook or something and I see someone post something about the Left. My first question is unless they actually name someone, is who are you talking about because the Left is a very diverse side of the American political-spectrum and not just made of. One political faction but we range from Liberals to Socialists and Socialist-Anarchists and have wide ranging views. Just like the Right-Wing but we are different.