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Friday, August 16, 2013

Media Matters; Sean Hannity: Then on Now on The War on Terror

Media Matters; Sean Hannity: Then on Now on The War on Terror

Perfect example of why Sean Hannity is an hypocritical asshole when it comes to the War on Terror. Clear example of the state of the Republican Party right now where they don’t discuss and debate issues like the War on Terror, but simply look for ways to oppose Barack Obama. If President Obama came out in favor of flat tax and eliminating the corporate income tax, Republicans would accuse him of supporting a middle class tax hike which is what a flat tax is and being fiscally irresponsible for being against the corporate tax. And the same thing with estate tax, or making English the official language of the United States. If the President supported them on those issues, they would suddenly oppose him.

The War on Terror which before January, 2009 was the Republican Party’s favorite war ever especially with their Neoconservatives is a perfect example of this. It’s not the War on Terror, or any other issue that hyper-partisan Republicans like Sean Hannity used to publicly support that they’re against. Its Barack Obama that they’re against. He represents everything that they’re against. American diversity, African-Americans coming to power, less power for Caucasian-Americans who use to rule most of the country, young Americans, an economy that works for more Americans and just the wealthy and I could go down the line.

“The War on Terror, God’s greatest gift to mankind other than electricity and air conditioning when George W. Bush was President of the United States. But now that Barack Obama is President its big government on the lose with no one to fight back against it. And we need Congress to step in impeach President Obama in order to stop this.” Which is how hyper-partisan Republicans in and outside of the Tea Party look at Barack Obama on really any issue that they at least once agreed with him on. Their issues, are their issues and as long as you disagree with them they’re more than happy to defend their issues. But once you agree with them, or try to find common ground they automatically take the other side.