Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
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Saturday, August 31, 2013

NBA: Video: Unstoppable Bernard King: Mr. Smooth of the NBA

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Bernard King was so smooth, his game just looked so easy with all the ways he had to score. In that sense he reminds me of Clyde Drexler, but Bernard was more than a scorer. Someone who was very good on the boards, a solid defender who also made his teammates better. And I can only imagine how good the New York Knicks would’ve been had he not of broken his knee in 1985. And the Knicks had Bernard in the prime of his career with center Patrick Ewing. Because the Knicks would’ve been a championship contender earlier and perhaps won it all with those two.  

Bernard King was a true natural scorer. Someone who could score in multiple ways and always looking for a way to get the ball in the bucket. And if not from him, then get the ball to his teammate that had the best chance of scoring. He had a great jump shot, one of the smoothest jump shots in NBA history. With the ability to handle the ball, an excellent post game, especially when defenses tried covering him with smaller or bigger men. And ran the floor real well and scored off the break.

The toughest players to defend in basketball, are not just guys who can drive and get to the bucket and look like they can't be covered. But are the player who are triple threats, which I know is a cliche. But players who can handle the ball, post up and shoot. Players like that are very difficult to defend because you have to cover them everywhere. And be on alert for that player to do anything with the basketball. That was Bernard King and again without the knee injury, we are talking about probably a top ten scorer in the history of the NBA.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

FRS Real Life Journal Plus: Malcolm X- Speaks on Black Economics

Source: Brother Jay- Minister Malcolm X-
Source: FRS Real Life Journal Plus

Malcolm X talking about empowering an entire community so they can take care of themselves. And not have to be dependent on government or people who’ve been holding them down for their economic survival. But empowering people to be able to take care of themselves and build their own community. Create their own jobs, business’s economic growth, wealth. And he was talking about educating the African-American community so they can do these things for themselves.

I think even Conservatives could respect Malcolm X. Not his racial rhetoric and I don’t respect that aspect about him, because I’m a Liberal. Not because I’m not. But what Conservatives can respect about Malcolm X is for his call for economic freedom and independence. Built around education and economic development. So African-Americans don’t need a welfare state in order to take care of them. And be dependent on public assistance in order to survive. But for African-Americans to be able to create their own economic freedom and independence.
Malcolm X: Speaks on Black Economics

Monday, August 26, 2013

Bat Man: Video: 60 Minutes, Corcoran State Prison 1997

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This is about the gladiator fights that went on at Corcoran State Prison in the California in the early and mid 1990s. That were run by Corcoran guards and set up by them. Where guards there would find inmates who didn’t like each other, or perhaps didn’t even know each other, to fight each other. And I believe put money on the fights that the inmates wouldn’t see a dime of. What happened at Corcoran is just another example of prison slave labor and perhaps the prison industrial complex as a whole. Where inmates are exploited for profits by corporations who make money from taxpayers and the inmates.

I’ve seen the MSNBC Lockup documentary on Corcoran and I’ve seen other shows about Corcoran. And to me at least it looks like a fairly efficient prison. Where some of the worst and most violent and probably evil prison inmates and criminals in America, are serving their time at Corcoran. And lot of them are their for life and doing sentences close to that. And yet what I’ve seen at least Corcoran looks like a fairly well run prison. Especially considering how tight their budget is and the lack of resources that California puts into Corcoran and how understaffed they are. And yet they generally do a pretty good job. But those gladiator fights did happen there.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Optimized Self: Wayne Dyer: The Dangers of Ignorance

Optimized Self: Wayne Dyer: The Dangers of Ignorance

“The highest form of ignorance is when you reject something you know nothing about.” Also sounds like the definition of an asshole to me. The moronic version of the asshole who has a bad habit of speaking out of their ass and talking about things generally in a negative fashion that they don’t know a damn thing about. Theres’s nothing wrong with going off on something that you see as negative and perhaps dangerous when you’re knowledgable about what you’re talking about. The know the subject or thing is simply bad and you believe that others need to know that so they don’t make mistakes in that area. Smart educated people do that all the time.

It’s the person who claims to an expert on something that they’re going off on when in actuality they don’t know what the hell they’re talking about. A perfect example would be bigotry like racism where people will hate another race of people simply because of how they look. Or they saw someone from one race do something horrible and immediately assume that every member of that race is just as bad, or a bad person as well. And that is just one example, but religion would be another one where the Far-Left will assume all Southern Christians are bigots. And the Far-Right will assume that all Muslims are terrorists, or supporters of terrorists.

People should just into the habit of speaking to what they know and form their beliefs on that. Not assuming that people they trust and respect knows everything about everything and that can let that person do their thinking for them. Assuming can be dangerous as well. An old teacher of mind once asked me, “why shouldn’t I assume?” And I didn’t have a good answer for him, because I never heard the question before, or even thought about it. He told me, “because it makes an ass out of you and me.” People should know things and when you things and have intelligence then you can form your belief system and philosophy. Instead of making snap judgements about something that you saw and assuming that is how everything is.

Liberty Pen: Milton Friedman- Poverty and Equality

Source: Liberty Pen- Professor Milton Friedman-
Source: This piece was originally posted at FRS FreeState Now Plus

The fact is, if you live in poverty, you don’t live in freedom, but you live in poverty. If you don’t have the freedom to live your own life and are dependent on others for your economic well-being, whether it is public assistance, or individuals who’ve voluntarily taken care of you, you don’t have the freedom to live your own life. Because you are dependent on others. And for people who are in poverty to have the freedom to live their own life, they need the tools to escape poverty and live in freedom. I agree with Milton, that people and the private sector do have the responsibility to help people in need be able to get on their own feet and help them pay their bills in the short-term as well.

But where I disagree with Milton, well on a couple of things, actually. Government, is not just buildings, but the people who work in those buildings. And also the people who send those people to the government buildings to work for them. Meaning the voters. But where I also disagree with Milton has to do with government and poverty. Government, at least in America, doesn’t have the responsibility to take care of physically and mentally able people who are capable of working full-time. But for whatever the reasons do not have the skills to get themselves the jobs that will allow for them to take care of themselves. But government, does have a responsibility to see that people who are down first get what they need to help them get by in the short-term. But also to help them get themselves on their own two feet. That comes from economic development in low-income communities. But also education and job training for those people as well. So they can get themselves a good job and get themselves out of poverty all together.

The reason why government has this responsibility, because it is responsible for the country. Not to take care of everyone and manage their lives for them. But to see that everyone has the opportunity to do well in America. So the economy can be as strong as possible. With as many workers as possible, but also as many productive workers as possible. Who have what they need to do well in this country. And capitalism and private enterprise is a great thing in America. But if you don’t have the skills you need to do well, you’re not going to do well in that system. And for those people government has a role to see that no none goes without. A long with the private sector, especially non-profit charities, but also to see that the resources are available for the people who’ve been left behind can get themselves on their own two feet.
Liberty Pen: Milton Friedman- Poverty and Equality

That Scene From: NBC’s The Tonight Show With Johnny Carson: Bette’s Midler’s Farewell to Johnny Carson

Johnny's Baby
That Scene From: Video: NBC’s The Tonight Show With Johnny Carson: Bette’s Midler’s Farewell to Johnny Carson

I don’t know if there could possible be a better way to send off Johnny Carson so to speak on his Tonight Show, The Tonight Show at least as far as I’m concern than with Bette Midler singing to him. Because of her song One For My Baby with the lyrics Set Em Up Joe and One More For The Road. That song perfectly sends Johnny out and perfectly summarizes what is happening here. That Johnny Carson is ending thirty-years as The King of Late Night as the host of The Tonight Show. And then you throw in her voice and her baby-face adorable expressions and how sweet she is, she was just perfect for this part.

I’m not a big fan of Bette Midler, at least her music. I think she’s a hell of an actress and one of the funniest people in Hollywood if not all-time, but she does have a great ability to put things in their place and the way they are. And sending Johnny out with One For My Baby is a perfect example of that. Especially when you consider how much Bette and Johnny truly love and respect each other. As I think is pretty obvious in this performance. Johnny had perfect timing with his comedy and I he knew himself so well and how we wanted to be remembered and go out. And Bette Midler is a perfect example of that.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Washington Redskins: Video: Sonny Jurgenson & Billy Kilmer: The Sonny-Billy Rivalry

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Sonny Jurgensen was clearly a better quarterback than Billy Kilmer. But Bill better fit head coach George Allen’s conservative offensive personality better. So George could say "see this is why we need to run more and Bill won’t take as many chances throwing the ball. Because his arm wasn’t as good as Sonny’s". But a better head coach with perhaps a better understanding of offensive football, who didn't have a conservative defensive mindset that George Allen had, would've known better. And what worked better for the Redskins offensively. 

There are many horrible tragedies of Vince Lombardi dying and when he did. In 1970 at the age of fifty-seven when he could've probably coached another 5-10 years had he taken better care of himself. But one of those tragedies that Sonny paid the heaviest price for with the Redskins, was George Allen coming in, in 1971 as the head coach/general manager of the club. The Redskins did pretty well under Allen. Seven winning seasons, five playoff appearances, an NFC East title and NFC title. 

But had Vince Lombardi lived and continued on with the Redskins in the 1970s, Sonny Jurgenson not only finishes his career with the Redskins, which he did, but he would've remained the full-time starter with the Redskins at quarterback, had he stayed healthy. Because the Lombardi would've figured out quickly that Sonny was the better quarterback than Billy Kilmer. And the Redskins would've won more games, more NFC East titles, played in more Super Bowls and perhaps won at least one Super Bowl in the 1970s. 

Liberty Underground: Garry Johnson on Individual Freedom

Source: Gary Johnson-
Source: This piece was originally posted at FRS FreeState Now Plus

The fight to preserve individual liberty shall always go on. As long as there are statists on the Far-Right and Far-Left in America trying to take our freedom away.Freedom of choice I believe is the best way to look at freedom and I mean individual freedom. Should people have the right to make their own decisions over their own personal and economic affairs or not. And if they have the right should they also be held personally responsible for their own decisions for good and bad or not. My answer and Gary Johnson’s answers to both questions is of course yes.

The freedom for people to control their own lives and then be held personally responsible for their own decisions over their own lives for good and bad. Not the freedom to hurt innocent people intentionally or otherwise, but the freedom to chart their own course in life. And to have their basic constitutional rights responsibly enforces and enforced equally for everyone. That the job of government is to protect the innocent from predators who would hurt them. Not to try to run their lives for them and try to protect them from themselves either from a personal or economic standpoint.

That is what Gary Johnson argues and has argued his entire political career at least as long as I’ve heard of him going back to the late 1990s when he was Governor of New Mexico. The ability for free people to make free choices and then be held accountable for the decisions that they make. And perhaps where I would disagree with Governor Johnson is that government has a role to educate people on potential choices that they might make. As well as regulate these activities to protect the innocent from predators. Not to run these activities or try to prohibit them. But make sure that they are as safe and as responsible as possible.
Liberty Underground: Gary Johnson On Sean Hannity- In 2011

Friday, August 23, 2013

Golden Cyber: Video: Wonder Woman Defeated by The Pied Piper

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Its kind of hard for me to imagine someone as strong as Wonder Baby, I mean Wonder Women could be defeated by, well disco music. You would think someone strong enough to knock down brick walls and jump up on tall buildings and beat up 300 pound men, would be strong enough to take on disco music. Without falling asleep. Wait, I guess disco music was really that bad. And perhaps boring enough to literally knock people out. Even wonder goddess’ like Wonder Woman. Perhaps disco was to Wonder Women what kryptonite was to Superman. Yeah, maybe the Pied Piper was the only one in the history of the Wonder Woman TV series to discover Women Women’s weakness. Which is really bad music that puts her to sleep. She might be strong enough to tackle bears and stop speeding cars with he bare hands from the outside, but disco music will bring her down to size.
Wonder Women Defeated by Disco Music

Thursday, August 22, 2013

General Blanketchips: Video: Wonder Woman: The Girl From Ilandia

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Allan Arbus, who of course played Dr. Sidney Friedman on MASH, showing his versatility here. By not just doing comedy, but doing action/comedy. Playing a smartass bad guy. Who kidnaps Wonder Girl, or whoever the girl was. And of course the Wonder Goddess, or Wonder Baby, which is what I call Wonder Woman, because she was so hot, sexy and adorable, comes in and saves the day. This episode was from 1978. So I’m probably two years old at this point, so no I don’t remember this episode. But I saw the repeat of this show last summer on Me-TV. The writing on this show always seemed twenty-years behind. And it seemed stuck in the, gee that’s swell universe of people who wouldn’t use strong language to save their lives. And the writing looked like it was from a show from the late 1950s instead of the late 1970s. But this scene on this show was pretty good.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Liberty Pen: Video: Martha Burk: The Gender Pay Gap

Liberty Pen: Video: Martha Burk: The Gender Pay Gap

The gender pay gap is only a real issue as far a concern, if men are being paid more simply because they are men. That if employers pay their male employees more money simply, because they are male and not female. Because of course that would be real gender discrimination. But if men are paid more because they tend to work jobs that pay more than jobs that women tend to work, that of course that is not gender discrimination, but is called capitalism and the private market. If women were simply being paid less because they were women and employers decided to pay their male employees more than their female employees, then there would be a national scandal. And all sorts of civil rights lawsuits would be filed and it would be all over the news.

Men and women should be paid and generally are for the work that they do. If men and women are literally working the same jobs with the same experience and have been with the company the same period, but the man or women is doing a better job than the other and gets a bigger raise, or gets a raise while the other doesn’t, then how is that unfair. That is how private enterprise works. People get paid for the work that they do. It would be anti-business and a bad business practice to pay employees male, or female, just because of their gender. Especially if they are less productive and it would also send a bad message. Because you would be telling the mediocre employee that they can make more money by being mediocre. And telling the productive employee that doing a good or great job won’t make them more money.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

John Horse: Video: Martin Luther King & Malcolm X Striking Similarities

Minister Malcolm & Dr. King
John Horse: Video: Martin Luther King & Malcolm X Striking Similarities

I have a lot of respect for both Dr. Martin L. King and Minster Malcolm X. But where they are different relates to what part of the civil rights movement that they represent.

Dr. King, was the most important leader in the 1960s civil rights struggle. Because without his non-violent approach those laws simply do not get passed. Because non-African-Americans wouldn’t take this movement seriously. And basically would’ve seen this movement that was of course multi-racial and multi-ethnic as thugs, criminals and terrorists. But because the Dr. King wing of the movement was non-violent, the so-called mainstream media took it seriously and gave it fair coverage. And as a result Americans took noticed of it and got involved especially young people, but public officials and celebrities in entertainment that had influence. As well so these marchers and activists were seen as peaceful, mainstream and responsible.

But where I give the edge to Malcolm X, was his movement was freedom from start to finish. And didn’t see the future of the African-American community as dependent on the New Deal, or Great Society. But was someone who was a big believer in education and opportunity. So people would have the freedom to take care of themselves and not have to live in poverty. And would’ve continued to push this approach of empowering African-Americans and perhaps others, to have the freedom to live their own lives. And not have to live off of public assistance in order to take care of themselves. Whereas Dr. King, was about redistribution of wealth. Taking money from the wealthy to take care of the poor. Which would’ve been the next stage of his movement had he lived. But what Malcolm X, was pushing for was empowering a whole community. To be able to take care of themselves and create their own wealth instead.

Dr. King and Minister Malcolm, are the two most important players in this movement. I think that is obvious but they represented different wings of this movement. And moving forward post civil rights of the 1960s would’ve pushed different economic agendas.

Monday, August 19, 2013

The Runaways Rock Me: Lynda Carter- Just One Look

Wonder Woman-
This piece was originally posted at FRS Real Life Journal Plus

Just one look and you see a gorgeous sexy baby a wonder women. Lynda Carter, is truly special which is why she’s truly a Hollywood Goddess. Gorgeous, baby-faced adorable, tall with a great body. Great voice, which is why she can sing. And is someone whose almost completely responsible by herself for making Wonder Woman the hit show that it was by herself. Because the show Wonder Woman, didn’t exactly have a lot of great material to work with. Simply not believable, it starts out during World War II in the 1940s and then moves to present day when the show was on in the late 1970s. The writing was fairly cheesy to the point you might of thought it was 1945 when you watched it. Even when the show actually took place in present time back then. Would have been 1977, 78, 79, etc. But Lynda Carter kept people watching it, because she was Wonder Woman.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Media Matters; Sean Hannity: Then on Now on The War on Terror

Media Matters; Sean Hannity: Then on Now on The War on Terror

Perfect example of why Sean Hannity is an hypocritical asshole when it comes to the War on Terror. Clear example of the state of the Republican Party right now where they don’t discuss and debate issues like the War on Terror, but simply look for ways to oppose Barack Obama. If President Obama came out in favor of flat tax and eliminating the corporate income tax, Republicans would accuse him of supporting a middle class tax hike which is what a flat tax is and being fiscally irresponsible for being against the corporate tax. And the same thing with estate tax, or making English the official language of the United States. If the President supported them on those issues, they would suddenly oppose him.

The War on Terror which before January, 2009 was the Republican Party’s favorite war ever especially with their Neoconservatives is a perfect example of this. It’s not the War on Terror, or any other issue that hyper-partisan Republicans like Sean Hannity used to publicly support that they’re against. Its Barack Obama that they’re against. He represents everything that they’re against. American diversity, African-Americans coming to power, less power for Caucasian-Americans who use to rule most of the country, young Americans, an economy that works for more Americans and just the wealthy and I could go down the line.

“The War on Terror, God’s greatest gift to mankind other than electricity and air conditioning when George W. Bush was President of the United States. But now that Barack Obama is President its big government on the lose with no one to fight back against it. And we need Congress to step in impeach President Obama in order to stop this.” Which is how hyper-partisan Republicans in and outside of the Tea Party look at Barack Obama on really any issue that they at least once agreed with him on. Their issues, are their issues and as long as you disagree with them they’re more than happy to defend their issues. But once you agree with them, or try to find common ground they automatically take the other side.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Waters 1964: Video: ESPN: USFL 1985-Week 14-Memphis Showboats @ Portland Breakers: Short Video

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Playing pro football in a baseball park which is what Portland Civic Stadium was before they converted it to a soccer stadium. And Portland will need a football stadium if they are going to get another major league pro football franchise. But Memphis and Portland are markets that the USFL should’ve been looking at back then and should be looking at today. If they are serious about coming back. Something they’ve talked about since 2011-12. Because these are markets that are not currently occupied by the NFL. And they wouldn’t have to compete with the NFL for their fans. And Memphis and Portland are major markets that can both support major league football franchises. Which is what the old USFL was and what a new USFL would be. If they get an agreement with the NFL about training their players in the spring.

Friday, August 9, 2013

NBC: Days of Our Lives- Marlena Attacks Kristen

Source: NBC- Marlena Black played by Deidre Hall-
Source: This piece was originally posted at FRS Real Life Journal Plus

I don’t want to make this scene seem less than it is, but I love watching these two gorgeous sexy adorable women interact with each other. Marlena attacking Kristen proves that she is not as adorable, sweet and innocent as she looks. That Big Baby can attack and is more than cable of defending herself and protecting what is hers when she believes she needs to. And Kristen playing sexy, gorgeous yes, but a tough bitch, who doesn’t have many if any limits on how far she’ll go to hurt people she despises like Marlena.

These two characters Kristen DiMera and Marlena Evans played by Eileen Davidson and Deidre Hall, literally hate each other. And Kristen literally using Marlena’s biological son Eric and her stepson Brady to hit Marlena. By having affairs with both, which is a Hurricane Katrina size disaster waiting for both men to have a woman like Kristen who is always looking for her next move and who and where to strike at against. And Marlena knows that, because she knows Kristen and that is what this fight is about. That she is not going to let Kristen use her sons.
NBC: Days of Our Lives- Marlena Attacks Kristen

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Talking Points Memo: The Morning Joe- Joe Scarborough: 'FOX News, MSNBC, Exactly the Same'

Source: The New Democrat- Mika Brzezinski & Joe Scarborough-
Source: FRS FreeState Now Plus

Joe Scarborough is right in the sense that MSNBC prime time and Fox News both represent political perspectives in America. They are both mouthpieces for different ideological movements in the country. Fox News is essentially the official voice for the right-wing in America and MSNBC prime time at least represents a part of the Left in America, I would argue the Far-Left at least with their prime time talk shows. Rather than both being networks for people to go to who are just looking for the news and what is going on in the country and around the world.

CNN represents the mushy middle, people who don’t know what they think and to a certain extent equal balance and they bring on people from both sides. But generally smart sane people on both sides, people who don’t look like they are on medication from some shrink or need to be or perhaps even need to be committed. Unlike FNC and MSNBC that a lot of times shows you what the nut houses on the Left and Right are thinking. And bring in escaped mental patients to show you those perspectives, or people that should be committed.

I mean if you are someone who is truly interested in news and people who just give you that and then brings in experts who are truly that and know what they are talking about and gives those perspectives based on old fashion things like facts and personal experience, things that might not be considered awesome by today’s young people and hyper partisans, then CNN is still the best place for that. As well as the network news shows, as well as C-SPAN and perhaps Bloomberg.
Talking Points Memo: The Morning Joe- Joe Scarborough: 'Fox News, MSNBC Exactly The Same'

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Solitary Watch: Pat Nolan- On Prison Fellowships

Source: Solitary Watch-
Source: This piece was originally posted at FRS FreeState Now Plus

Former Nixon White House Counsel Chuck Colson, after he got out of prison in I believe the mid 1970s due to Watergate, started a prison fellowship program to prepare prison inmates for life on the outside. Both while they are still prison, but for ex-offenders who’ve already been released from prison. Something our prisons should be doing today, but aren’t for the most part. Which is why we have so many ex-offenders who return to prison.

If you operate a prison, then you’re doing it at taxpayer expense. Even if it is a private prison and with tax dollars being so precious and limited, the idea should be to get the best investment possible for those limited tax dollars that for the most part come from hardworking taxpayers. So if you’re going to have so many people in prison at the same time, how about give them incentive to improve their lives while in prison. But also so when they get out of prison, which most American inmates do. So they don’t come back to prison again.
Solitary Watch: Pat Nolan- On Prison Fellowships