Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Andres Marquez: Shakira on MTV’s Unplugged in 1999

This piece was originally posted at The New Democrat

There is maybe two songs from Shakira That I like that I've heard in English. I speak maybe two-hundred words of Spanish, so if someone is singing in Spanish, good luck to me in trying figure out what the hell the person is singing. Because I'll pick up a few words here and there, not enough to give me a great grasp of the song. Unless it is an American song with the same music, but the person singing the song in Spanish. Then I'll not only know what song they are singing, but probably be able to follow along as well.

Shakira has a few songs that I like. Whenever from 2002 and a couple of others with the titles escaping me right now. But she has a great voice and a great sound as far as her music. She has a hell of a band That almost sounds like Latin rock or blues rock band. She would do very well performing with American classic rockers and hard rockers. And also she's so damn lovable baby-face and gorgeous at the same time with a nice body. It is real hard for a straight guy anyway, not to check her out.

Shakira is a classic sexy baby. Adorable baby-face with real sex appeal of a women and not a little girl. But also she is very talented as well and she has all of those things going for her at the same time. And then you put her on stage with that voice, that passion and body and then you put her in skin-tight leather jeans and leather boots, that is just the icing of a huge birthday cake. That makes you want to sit there and eat it the whole time and it never ends and you prey it never goes away.