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Freedom or Totalitarianism
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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Johnny Carson: The Tonight Show With Johnny Carson- Card Tricks With Angie Dickenson in 1981

Source: Johnny Carson- Hollywood Goddess Angie Dickinson & The King of Late Night Johnny Carson-
Source: This piece was originally posted at The New Democrat 

Angie Dickenson still as cute as a baby in her late forties talking to Johnny Carson in 1981 on The Tonight Show. Talking about cards and stunts. Cards is obviously a very popular activity in Los Angeles and that just didn’t start with poker revolution or whatever from 10-15 years ago in Hollywood. But that has been around probably as long as Los Angeles has been the entertainment capital of America. Going back to the 1930s or even longer. Which is one reason why entertainers love going to Las Vegas.

And Johnny Carson of course was well-known for doing card tricks. Which he did quite frequently on The Tonight Show that was one his most popular skits on the show. So they obviously had some things to talk about besides. “Hey Angie, how have you been able to stay so adorable and gorgeous as the same time all of these years?” With Angie answering “well I eat right, work out, get my sleep and besides I’m filthy rich, even after the divorces. And I can afford plastic surgery whenever I feel I need it”. Actually, she was naturally baby-face adorable and gorgeous. But the card routine saved them from some cheesy dialogue.
Johnny Carson: The Tonight Show With Johnny Carson- Card Tricks With Angie Dickinson in 1981